Smile! It’s National Dental Hygiene Month
added on: October 5, 2016
Calgary - Dr. Gerard Charanduk

October is National Dental Hygiene Month, and at my Calgary dental office we’re going to take a moment to recognize our hygienists for all the hard work that they do, the variety of services they provide to patients, and their wealth of dental knowledge. Dental Hygienist Qualifications Did you know… Read More…

“Why Does My Jaw Get Stuck Sometimes?”
added on: September 14, 2016
Calgary - Dr. Gerard Charanduk

You’re feeling tired, and you know a yawn is working its way out. As your mouth opens involuntarily and the yawn escapes, you wait for your jaw to slowly close shut. But it doesn’t. It’s stuck. It’s scary. It’s painful. At my Calgary dental office, we know just how terrifying… Read More…

Posted In: Jaw Pain and TMJ

Your Oral Health Guide
added on: September 6, 2016
Calgary - Dr. Gerard Charanduk

Everyone knows that they should brush and floss their teeth. It’s ingrained in us from an early age. But like most things, a detailed reminder every now and then can’t hurt to make sure you’re still getting the best care for your smile. At my Calgary dental office, we’d like… Read More…

Smile! It Can Make You Healthier
added on: August 19, 2016
Calgary - Dr. Gerard Charanduk

There are so many reasons to smile – a funny joke, a cute kitten, a new baby, and many, many others. But at my Calgary dental office, we want to give you a few more reasons to smile big and wide. Health Benefits of Smiling There’s a little bit more… Read More…

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