Update on dental care in Alberta

added on: May 10, 2020

As you all know we have been shut down since mid March. I have only seen a handful of emergency patients since that time and my staff and I are missing seeing all of our patients and taking care of your oral health needs. It has been 30 years now running the office and so many of you are like family.

Many of you saw the Govt of Alberta proclaim that dentistry is open again as of May 4th. This is not correct information, we are now allowed to do emergency and a few urgent care treatments ( no elective dentistry or cleanings at all ) Obtaining the needed PPE is taking time as well but are getting there. The plan is to open after the long weekend on a more limited basis to take care of any urgent care needs you may have.

My staff and I look forward to seeing you sooner the better.




Dr.Gerard  Charanduk

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